Free VPN connection from premium VPN hosting service

What exactly is FreeHostingVPN?

FreeHostingVPN creates encrypted secure Point to Point tunnel connection between computers or tablets/smartphones and FreeHostingVPN international servers with highest 2048 bits MPPE encryption. It means all traffic goes through FreeHostingVPN servers and end user are secured with addon anonymously when surfing websites. No ISP or government authority are able to sniff what you are actually browsing or downloading online.

FreeHostingVPN provides users access to multimedia websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora which mostly block users from outside of USA.

Also should you have any internet restricitons in school compus network or company corporation network, or the hotspot wifi, even by your ISP provider, FreeHostingVPN can help to unblock any filter. You just get a free, clean and fast new internet connection for whatever information you need. Now feel free to utilize the Free Hosting VPN service.

Maximum Performance and safety is the top consideration for Free Hosting VPN service. All of our VPN servers are located directly to the worldwide 300Gbit high-speed ThePlanet US data center, Uk2 Group UK data center and iWeb Canada data center. All the pops provides the best VPN connection speed and bandwidth to almost all countries from North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and other areas.

FreeHostingVPN service allows you to 100% secure access to the internet, unblock web sites, speed up the web connection with 2048bit PPTP VPN from US, UK and Canada IP with unlimited bandwidth and, for FREE!